Power To Her

Every morning she risesRises to another dayAnother day of rejectionAnother day in the closetShe opens her eyesGazing into an empty spaceShe exhales and tells herselfJosephine,you are gonna be fineEverything will fall in place somedayNo one knows how she feelsNobody knows how her heart bleedsIt bleeds to the burning passionA passion she cannot expressA passion so loud in her heart That she can literally hear it in her headSo loud yet so silentSo divine and pureYet so disgusting to some peopleShe loves her,she adores herBut she can’t voice it out loudHer soul is clouded with all this emotions Yet she can’t make it rainBecause the flood will mean the end of herShe needs freedomShe needs a voiceShe needs to come out of this closetShe needs the powerPower to her,power to her gender identity Power to her sexualityPower to LGBTQ NIGERIAWe need our power

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