Happy Memorial Day for LGBTIQ+

In the late twenty Century we found ourself to be part of a system that decided what you are and want themselves seen in you, been dictated of what your personality should be like, losing our strength and vision and personality we went underground been HUNTED and decriminalized for being happy people, today is a memorial day to us and everyone of us living under the skin of the society saying we own the ground and vogueing that negative energy with a shout out, we are here to stay and be who we wanna be you can take it all from us but you can’t take the world we’ve built around each other with love and endless care. Enough and we are here to stay if you don’t mind we don’t come to beg for a place among you we own our spot and we are here to demand that right and respect as people not criminals. #Pose #pride #humanity #people #LoveIsNotACrime #WeAreHumans with color from different homes, we are brothers and sisters. To the #World we demand our place.
On behalf of all destitute, displaced and homeless children of the Legendary Royal House of Allure we say now or never, kill us all and more stronger shall we get #Nigeria we are your children and families #EllenDeGeneres all live matters, our life matters also

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