Shelter House



What is a safe house?
A secret place for sanctuary or suitable to hide persons from the law, hostile actions or from retribution, threats or perceived danger typically, the significance of safe houses is kept secret from all but a limited number of people, for the safety of those hidden within them.
In the case of safe house in Nigeria, there is very few but when it comes to the case of the LGBT community the word limited is divided into two because we live in a society where the law has turned its back on the community.


ROYAL HOUSE OF ALLURE INITIATIVE (RHAI) is a brain child of Mobile Foundation for Health, Security and Rehabilitation, Nigeria (MHSR) is a TRANS-centric and GAY-Inclusive initiative that focuses on mobile health services, sexual health education, research and development. RHAI is a Trans-lead, non-profit, non-governmental organization in LAGOS Nigeria, at the process of CAC registration. Aimed at, providing Security and Rehabilitation through safe-housing initiative for Abused, Victimized and Displaced LGBTIQ persons, due to their sexuality to reduce stigmatization and discrimination which enhance self-esteem that promote behavioral change, producing better community members for a better society


  • A Peer based, led-by and consisting of young person’s who strives to give hope and voice to the voiceless that are at risk, neglected and abandoned persons.
  • A Health Rights and Capacity Development Advocates.
  • Striving to provide the quality lifestyle and happiness deserved by all members of Her Royal House and at large the community.
  • Ensuring a future with positive outlook for all her legendary children.


 We strive to provide healthy and quality life style deserved by all LGBTIQ persons and ensure protection and enabling environment to build capacity, therefore providing positive outlook for a better life and future.


  • To protect LGBTIQ persons from stigmatization, discrimination, and all kinds of abuses, neglects, violence and enhance a healthy living
  • To help build capacity and develop skills to ensure and restore self-confidence/esteem, dignity and trust by giving all our unconditional love, care   and support always.
  • To ensure equality and unity amongst LGBTIQ persons.
  • To ensure the above by regular follow up and enhance positive behavioral change.


  • We provide protection by ensuring safety and security and conducive environment for everyone.


  • We want to develop our members into well balanced, mature and positive members of the society.


  • We hope to rehabilitate our members in our care from their ugly past hurts and help them overcome the scars and trauma of the abuse and to ensure that their past experiences do not pose a burden and a threat to their future undertakings


  • We believe in acting proactively by developing awareness programs and community-based projects and by being a credible voice advocating positive, societal changes and better government policies working beyond


Royal house of allure is a shelter housing initiative focused of creating enabling and safe environment for the most at risks persons of the LGBTIQ+ community, it all started in a three bedroom apartment own by Mr. Ozo Osahon Michael two years ago which was then turned into what we today call shelter house of allure, which  have over time helped shelter over 60 young vulnerable persons, build capacities of 15 persons through skill acquisitions and empowered 5 persons through the Shelter house initiative, these have enhanced self-esteem increasing the health status of the housemate including those that are HIV positive that have now been virally suppressed. In the course of the housing initiative, over 50 Gender based Violence cases treated and handled and over 50 persons rehabilitated through self-funding. These successes also have been witnessed in the Shelter house program too.

Implementing bodies on HIV prevention program like HEARTLAND ALLIANCE LAGOS NIGERIA, IMPROVED SEXUAL HEALTH and RIGHTS ADVOCACY INITIATIVE (ISHRAI) and others referred their displaced, destitute clients to the ROYAL HOUSE OF ALLURE for security and rehabilitation for the time been. 

Togetherness is a hugely important aspect of life. give us security, much-needed support and sense of belonging, and encourage to love one another, just like Henry Ford once said,” Coming Together Is the Beginning; Keeping Together Is Progress; Working Together Is Success”.



“So, there is something huge that I have being ignoring for years – ME.
What I say and do matters. I have learned this thank to SHELTER HOUSE OF ALLURE, SHELTER HOUSE OF ALLURE is saving our lives, SHELTER HOUSE OF ALLURE is saving our soul.
We count
Nobody is disposable, nobody is a waste.
We all deserve a second chance
I am finally getting all the help I always needed
I’m safe

Legendary Royal House of Allure Activities

Black Diamond Party For Community Members by MHSR & RHAI